Here at Cute Cuddles we make beautiful, unique gifts designed dand crafted by hand using fabrics to make safe cuddly toys suitable for any age.

I have always sewn from a very young age, so when I had children it was a very natural progression to start making various things for them. I then had friends asking if I could make gifts for baby showers, and that’s how Cute Cuddles came about.

I also noticed that a lot of soft toys have plastic eyes, which unfortunately mean they shouldn’t be given to small children or babies, as they are considered a choking hazard. This is the main reason I keep the eyes hand sewn on Cute Cuddles toys. In addition, to ensure their uniqueness, I never make the same toy from the same fabric twice – ensuring everything I make remains a one-of-a-kind.

They make the perfect gift for baby showers, new born babies, birthdays of any age or just as a little something special.

Kids love them and parents will adore them!