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Hi, my name is Karen Gibson. Thanks for stopping by to check out my shop!

I live in the beautiful east coast town of Orewa, north of Auckland. My husband and I have been married for just over two decades, and one of our joint passions is to travel. We spent six years living and working in London and managed to see a lot of Europe and just a little bit of Canada and America while we were there. There are so many beautiful places and interesting people in the world!

My other major passion is to create. I have studied both fashion and interior design and have crafted since I was a young girl - in fact I still have a book of craft ideas that I handwrote when I was 12, all with craft ideas that came from magazines and library books. Some of its a little out-of-date/fashion now!

So why cushions? Cushions are a great decor item - you can change the look of a room with a change of cushions. They provide comfort, colour, texture, pattern and can be a form of art. They can dress the bed, add a statement to the sofa, cosy up the family room or window seat. They're easy to transport, launder and store . . . in fact no home should be without them!

My cushions are made from beautiful merino wool felt sourced from our very own New Zealand sheep and made here too. The colours are hand-dyed. The applique designs are stitched on by hand and the knitted designs are hand knitted.

My favourite part of the process is the design stage - I have so many ideas - I just wish my hands could keep up! :)

Once again, thanks for stopping by . . .