Hi, my name is Londi. I'm originally from the U.S, spent many years living in France, and presently living in New Zealand!
By trade, I am a third generation jeweler, experienced in working with precious metal and stones, as well as designing, carving and finishing. For the past few years I have enjoyed felting, sewing, making Jewellery, Christmas Ornaments and Home Decor!

I am inspired by nature, lighting, flowers, children - anything from a rock to a grain of sand...a piece of gold to a piece of glitter!
I love working with color, texture, all art mediums, in every way shape and form!

What little dream can I make come true for you?
My handmade bulbs are created through a special technique that I have perfected, and you will not find anything else out there like them! The base material is polystyrene, making them light and unbreakable for shipping! The outer shell is a blend of sand, paint, glitter and yarns. These bulbs are "Artisan" - each one being a small painting in itself, requiring many hours of work and drying time. They are beautiful, and the PERFECT GIFT!