Welcome to Cobredera (copperwood) Jewellery!

The name Cobredera originates using a bit of artistic licence, from 2 spanish words, copper -cobre, and wood - madera.

My name is Ben, and my jewellery came about more by accident than planning. I had a few years back made a couple of things, but the turning point came, when early in 2014, I made a set of stunning earrings for my physio as a thank you for the years she had looked after me. Every person she met when wearing them wanted to know where they came from and who had made them.

That is where the planning started, even though most times all the work that is involved in the making, the finishing, how to sell, etc, feels disorganised, I am finally here, hoping to get some exposure, and making it a nice wee business.

All my designs and shapes, and ideas are mine alone, and any specific jewellery problems or complications I come across on how to complete them, I have been very fortunate to have a tutor Tatyanna Meharry, at Risingholme to put me straight.

I have had no specific training on jewellery making, I learn alot as I go, plenty of mistakes end up in the logburner!

Still having my own landscape maintenance business, but starting to feel the 30 years of doing physical work for that length of time, and getting a bit creaky in the hinges, means that this jewellery business will hopefully reduce my hours of physical work I need to do, to earn a living.

Ideas pop into my head when out working, make a quick sketch of the idea, but often once a shape or form has started to appear after some work on the beltsander, or on the woodlathe, it often takes on a life of its own. Probably less than 50% of the jewellery has stayed true to the plans, the rest have done their own thing.

All the wood I use is either West Coast driftwood, or an 80 year old Walnut tree I found in a South Canterbury river after a flood, or recycled wood, i.e. heart rimu headboard from a bed,etc.

All the copper, brass, copper wiring is all recycled, either from a scrap metal yard or my ever helpful Dad, happy to donate useful materials for my endeavours. Some of the wiring has come from old motors, which are thoroughly cleaned, before use.

All the copper, brass or other metals that need to keep their attractive shiny qualities are given a coat of lacquer to stay in that state. Any handmade hooks, etc, that may come in contact with the skin have also been lacquered.

My office at home is where I am based on a couple of trestle tables, for the final finishing, oiling, lacquering, and wirework of the jewellery. Whereas the majority of the forming of the wood into a shape or design, or cutting out of various metals are all done in the garage, as this part is a very dusty operation. The 7 stages of sanding and polishing the wood are also done there.

All the wood is finished with a natural "Interior Oil and Wax" from the Natural House Company.

I am happy to make any earrings or pendants of a design you may have, please send me a sketch and the approximate dimensions, and the materials you would like them made of. It may also help for me to understand your wishes, for you to refer to an item in my shop that resembles what you may be after. Depending on the complexity of your request, it can take a week to 2 weeks to finish an item.

I enjoy the ability I have been blessed with, to visualise a shape, create it, and have the beauty revealed to me of the wood once the oil has been applied.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the rest of my jewellery as I add more to the shop, and hope you will buy some!

Thank you. Ben.