Where your emajinationz runs wild #decalstyle

Once upon a time in sunny NZ,
Lived a mini-me; always inside her head.
She had golden-brown eyes + pink skin,
With very brown hair + a white toothy grin.

One thing was for sure - when she is tall!
She was going to make once + for all.
She dreamt she would be an artist,
Creating quirky decal art with a twist.

Then years later while on a break,
Merrily munching on my chippy bun cakes.
Then it hit! - Right outta the blue!
Contagiously Funky Decals debut,
Where the decal empire began #itsasign
AND her emajinationz flair flew.

Do you love decals just like MEEEEE?!
When you see decals; you shout WOWEEE
Decals are made with a fine-tuned buzz,
Totally cool, eye-popping + just because...

All original, unique with decal perfection,
1 decal will not be enough for the collect'n
I can hear the ahhhh's + oooooohs,
Great time to grab that bikkie + hot brew!!

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* Instagram: contagiouslyfunky_decals
* Tiktok: contagiouslyfunky_decals