My name is Carol Leith and my passion is creating quality handmade clothing for children.

I guess you are here because you want to know a bit about me…huh? I’m not that good at talking about myself, but I will give it a shot .

I have created clothing for my children who are all grown up now have children of their own. I am often asked to make clothing for my grandchildren or friends and family as my creations are a little bit different than the main stream.

Often you will see something you like in stores but they don’t have the size, colour you are after, or often run out of stock.

After years and years of my family and friends asking me to share my passion, I have finally decided to have my own business.

I am more than happy to create something in a particular colour or size if possible or you can view the listings for sale that I have currently have online.

Thank you for spending the time to find out more about me – Carol