Loving textiles, loving art, loving the care and quality of handmade items.
The Gatherer of Time and Beauty is an online shop with a collection of quality products that can be enjoyed now and for generations.
My name is Joni, aka, 'The Gatherer'. I first fell in love with handmade items from the different generations in my family.
Thank you 'Cake Nana' who made us all our first knitted square blankets. Who showed us fast casting on and left handed knitting.
Thank you to my Mummy who first showed me how to knit, who introduced me to sketching and artists who created amazing paintings.
Thank you to 'Cake Grand Dad' , who let me go into his carpentry shed and play with his files and drills, let me nail pieces of wood together and use his thingy a bobs that held the wood together. Thank you also Cake Grand Dad, for making me my first stilts when I asked for them, and a gig for my shetland pony, for making us all our first tricycles, and wooden barrows.
A time when nothing went to waste, when toys lasted and could be handed down, when skills were handed down with patience and love from the older
​generations to the next. XOX .