I've been sewing and knitting since I was about 6 years old. I grew up in Central Otago at a time (1950s and 1960s) when it was normal to reuse, remake and repurpose old and/or worn clothing and household items into new clothing and household items. I still live in Central Otago - this is my favourite place in the world and a major source of inspiration for everything I do.

Currently I'm taking pleasure in knitting up my extensive yarn stash into baby and toddler garments. The internet has been a revelation here - not only for a huge variety of patterns available but also for the many fascinating, useful and helpful websites, blogs and Youtube clips devoted to knitting techniques. I'm now hooked on circular knitting. Most of my garments are now knitted in one piece, either top down or bottom up. While I love sewing I'm not a huge fan of sewing up knitted garments!

My other current passion is the reuse or repurposing of woven fabric and garments.
1. rag rugs
I make 2 types of rag rug - knitted and woven.
The knitted rugs I make from old t-shirts. The t-shirt is cut into yarn, wound into balls then knitted on large gauge wooden dowel needles.
The woven rugs are made from old bedsheets that are torn into strips and balled up before weaving on my homemade twining loom.

2. denim
My very latest venture is repurposing old denim jeans. I've had so much fun creating a number of denim aprons. They are all quite unique. The style, size, colour of the denim, detailing eg reuse of pockets, belt loops, etc varies depending on the used jeans sourced. The aprons are unisex and have a wide range of uses eg, in the kitchen, in the garden and by craftspeople.
I try to use as much of the jeans as I can. There are plans in the pipeline to extend the use of used denim into other homewares to use up even the smallest scraps.

It's incredibly satisfying to be able to reuse, recycle and recreate. I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my shop and have found some inspiration there. Any questions, comments or feedback are always welcomed. Thank you.