home-made by an amatuer, no 'uniform' factory-made stuff

~-~-~-~ About Me ~-~-~-~
I'm a proud Kiwi newly living in Hong Kong filling in my spare time with sewing and making crafts. Since I was a child I have always looked for the potential in objects, turning everyday items into fun creations. I have found I still enjoy designing and creating fun and/or useful objects from materials I find around me and thought I would share some with you.

~-~-~-~ What I Sell + Postage ~-~-~-~
The items I make are homemade by an amatuer and as such will not be 'uniform' like factory-made stuff (isn't that part of the appeal...). I ensure that all items I sell are sturdy and fit for purpose. If for some reason your purchase isn't, please contact me and we can sort something out.

I hate seeing things go to waste, so try to practise the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; in that order. In this vein I reuse clean, intact packaging where possible to send out your purchase.

Postage from Hong Kong is relatively cheap. If you want a combined postage price for muliple purchases, please contact me.

~-~-~-~ Why "Bun Button"? ~-~-~-~
After living outside New Zealand I have discovered that I have an accent. This accent means people don't always hear the words I think I'm saying. For instance, since moving to Hong Kong I've found I've 'bun button' by insects a lot. I've also 'bun button' by the crafting 'bug' for some time now, which I find much less irritating.