I use to be a city girl, but fell in love and married a farmer.
Now we are farming in the beautiful countryside of Otago, New Zealand.

My passion is making artisan goat milk soap, the milk is sourced from our two beautiful nanny goats, Buttercup and Peppermint. No kids are harmed during this process, I share milk the goats with the kids, and at weaning they are sold to lifestyle blocks who keep them as pets.

My interest in soap making began when trying to find something gentle for my husband to use when shaving, as he suffers from dry skin and the commercial shaving foams made his skin very dry after shaving. A goat milk based shaving soap is the result, he swears by it, and his skin is now silky smooth after shaving.

I then decided that I needed to find a soap recipe for my girls (teenagers) to prevent any breakouts, and to maintain the overall health of their skin. An activated charcoal goat milk soap bar was the result. Activated charcoal works by absorbing excess oil from the skin, it also absorbs and draws out impurities, so is fantastic for acne, and preventing breakouts. Goats milk is also high in vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, relieves acne and maintains healthy skin.

Goats milk has many other benefits such as removing dead skin cells due to the alpha hydroxy acid it contains. Removing dead skin cells helps to remove irritation therefore improving the overall skin condition. The vitamin A content not only reduces lines and fine wrinkles, but it relieves psoriasis and eczema. Many of my clients who purchase the colour & fragrance free soap are very happy with the results with eczema relief, and it is fantastic on sensitive skin.

The cream content of the goats milk helps to boost moisturizing quality of the soap, therefore not drying your skin out.

Now there is a range of shaving soap, cleansing soap for the face, general soap for bathing, a shampoo bar and conditioner bar with the correct pH for your hair.

I come from a nursing background, and want the best for my families skin, and if I can help others along the journey I am really pleased. I am passionate about helping the environment and not impacting on it anymore, therefore all my soap is palm oil free, preservative free, and comes wrapped in paper. No plastics are used for packaging.

My second passion is wool and thinking up new, novel ideas that wool can be used for.
I would love people to fall in love with wool again, a beautiful, natural product that is produced right here in this country.