Crafted with care to suit your style: casual, smart, boho, floral, steampunk, plus-size or delicate.

bronz.beads by Bronwyn Angela White — jewellery maker and lover of bright & beautiful beads — Kapiti Coast

I’ve created a wide range of jewellery for you or to buy as a gift for someone special. From simple beads on a head pin, via delicate acrylic flowers and leaves, beads on multi-strands of twisted wire, through to my eclectic boho pieces, and even a few steampunk items - I'm sure you'll find something to suit your style.

You'll see I love naming my jewellery creations, and try to match each piece with a theme or flavour. Recently I've been making delicate - but some quite big and bold - "Floral Bouquet" pieces. I've recently concentrated on my "bridal+wedding party" jewellery (see my "bronz.bridal.beads" shop) and a few darker pieces, featuring black beads in my "Midnight Flower" range. For a gallery exhibition, I've made some "Aqua" earrings and necklaces with references to the sea, streams, rain, water etc. And more of my favourite flowery creations for special occasions.

earrings * bracelets * necklaces * brooches