I am proud to call myself a self taught sewer, the journey has been & still is one of interesting discoveries & learning.
I used to hand make gifts for family & friends long before it was trendy. People would give you "that look" when you said you liked sewing. How wonderful things have changed.
Making & giving or selling something I have put time & thought into gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I enjoy everything about the creative process from the initial ideas or research to the gathering of supplies (aka shopping) putting something together through to the end product. I like the playing around with texture, colour & design.
I get a little real kick if I see something I have made out & about being used in the world.

All the women in my family seem to knit which to me seems a slow process but I am reliably informed that its very therapeutic. When I sew just joining a couple of pieces of fabric together can sometimes have your project looking half way finished - Bonus.

Sometimes people contact me with their own ideas of something they want making up or something they can't find anywhere. I like the challenge of figuring out a process/solution & ending up with something unique & original. Believe me when I tell you I have had some really unusual requests.

As I was slowly creeping out of my little sewing corner my lovely Husband built me a little sewing studio. (He's amazing & very cleaver as well as patient) - it's my happy place. Truth be told it's so much more than that, it's my little sanctuary.

I recycle all my fabric scraps by donating them to the local Play centre, Primary schools, Kindy & pre-schools.

Please have a browse in my shop, I hope you will find something you'll love for yourself or as that perfect gift for someone else.
If you have any questions please about the things in my shop please get in touch.
Thanks for stopping by my shop & thanks too for supporting our awesome local makers & sellers.