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Inspired by the timeless Bohemian style, Beadsnknots is a small little business crafted by mother &daughter based in Auckland. Mother & daughter always *try* to get along and despite our disagreements, we both agree that we love colours and rustic-boho designs.

The mother of Beadsnknots came from humble beginning. With little money spare for toys, she used her imaginations to fill her need for toys. Back then her 'barbie' was a doll drawn on hard paper stock and cut out; the best part was she could design clothes for her well loved paper barbie! From those paper dresses, mother went on to pursuing her love for art. The mother of Beadsnknots is now a stay a home mum, spending her time cooking, cleaning, and designing exquisite pieces to share with everyone.

The daughter of Beadsnknots has inherited her mothers love for art. Still in her *late teens*, the daughter of Beadsnknots decided to explore the world of jewelry making in her business project back in her junior year. She made a dozen of friendship bracelets, sold them to her friends and that's when she knew found her passion.

Have a nose around our shop and feel free to contact us if you have any queries or requests