With every decoration sold, Xav donates over $5 Fijian Dollars to the Happy Chicken Project

Hi I’m Xav. I’m 10 years old and I live in the Hawke's Bay.

I have drawn and made these decorations to raise money for the Happy Chicken Project in Fiji.

I stayed at the Happy Chicken Project permaculture farm in 2017. I learnt that they help the communities in the Fijian Islands to sustain an alternative food source while the reefs are closed to repopulate the fish.
Villagers are sponsored to come to the farm near Sigatoka, where they learn to forage and grow the feed for the chickens. Then to raise, care and select the hatchlings for breeding, laying or eating.

From selling my decorations, I have already donated over $5500 Fijian Dollars to the project.

Each decoration is made from bamboo plywood, laser cut and packaged in recycled card with a cotton cord.

My mum helps me with with the administration and shipping of my decorations from my felt shop.

Check out more of my story on @madebyxav on insta