A busy bee has no time for sorrow.. (William Blake)

Hi, we're Darren & Debby Porter.

We have been married 7 years and together have two preschool age boys; Ethan and Isaac who are very active and loads of fun.
All-a-Buzz began initially as a side hobby for us both, making wooden toys for ourselves and extended family which includes many early childhood teachers. We created the 'All A Buzz' business when we realized that our products and services could greatly benefit others looking for natural wood and durable products.
Debby is from a nursing background but since becoming a mum has been able to explore and build on her love for making toys and crafts. All-a-Buzz has been a catalyst for learning new skills like using woodworking machines and tools.
Darren's skills include a family background in woodworking along with a flair for art and design with training in Architecture and construction practice. He only recently has found the opportunity to return to his love of 'making' - combining to form a terrific team working together with Debby to produce the wonderful items you see here.
We also make ourselves available to local Kindergartens to design, build and repair. This helps keep us connected with early childhood teachers and of course the all important children.

We chose our name 'All a Buzz' for 2 reasons - Firstly Debby means 'like a Bee' and second it says what we are about ie. enthusiastic about our craft, excited and 'abuzz' with ideas.

For more about us and to request any commissions visit www.facebook.com/allabuzzdesign