I am a designer and a maker. I find inspiration in everything around me and love to work in many different materials. I find inspiration in the process of creating, designing and bringing objects to life. I am driven by the process of turning a concept into something totally unique. Currently my work encompasses Graphic Design, Sculpture, Fused and Cast glass, Silver smithing and Jewellery.

I am largely self-taught but as I have grown I have realised the importance of not working in isolation and now seek out opportunities to work alongside experts and to develop and strengthen my techniques – there are so many opportunities to learn new things.

Sculpture and jewellery are such a visible part of our social history and decorative arts. I love the fact that people have adorned themselves with beads even before they could speak, and that treasure and adornment is universal and timeless. That I am very much part of this history.

I realise that is important to look at the inspiration of a design, its historical context and the emotions it elicits for me. A concept can come from a walk around a garden and studying the movement of a leaf or the structure of a flower, it could be images from architectural forms, a saying or poem, or an archive illustration from the last century. From this point a story starts to form drawing me in. The whole process becomes a journey – what excites me is that I never know where this journey will take me and what medium I will end up using.
What I am trying to achieve is to create work which is inherently beautiful, is enduring; and for this work to capture perfectly an unforgettable moment to rouse a sense of delight and joy within you.
Cabinet of Curiosities came about from a book that contained so many images of many different artefacts from around the world both from nature and man-made - it was a treasure trove of inspiration and one you could always find something different each time you looked.

I have a few concepts that I try to live my life by - 'Do something every day that scares you' as too often we let fear control our actions. But most importantly I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing life to the fullest.

Curiosities carries my Sculpture, Glass and Graphic Design Work. If you are interested in my Jewellery please visit my store Felt store Herbertwilks or find my at herbertandwilks.co.nz..