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Comment after polllyanna bought #46129 from hushbaby

wonderful tk u

Comment after dearcolleen sold #66905 to hushbaby

Thank you:)

Comment after kiss bought #76889 from hushbaby

Excellent quality and great service. Very well received, thank you.

Comment after tylerk27 bought #76794 from hushbaby

Beautiful blanket will be purchasing more in the future, so fast ordered on the Tuesday and received the very next day! Awesome :)

Comment after nikola24 bought #76491 from hushbaby

Thankyou soooo much!!

Comment after ainemolloy bought #76778 from hushbaby

Excellent service..arrived yesterday which was so fast. It's gorgeous..thank you!

Comment after cattaylor* sold #14863 to hushbaby

Lovely customer - enjoy your crayon roll.

Comment after tinch sold #66777 to hushbaby

A pleasure to deal with you, thanks for supporting my work!

Comment after mrssmith bought #69858 from hushbaby

Thanks so much for the red biggie blanket, it's gorgeous. My little boy took to it straight away. I'm using it as a play mat and it looks fantastic!

Comment after ryansmum bought #69071 from hushbaby

Thank you, the Dr. Suess mini blanket is gorgeous and my son absolutely loves it.

Comment after nen10 bought #46359 from hushbaby

Awesome product, the biggie blanket is just fab THANK YOU

Comment after cattaylor* sold #56531 to hushbaby

Lovely customer - enjoy your magnets!

Comment after utbwb sold #62677 to hushbaby

Thank you very much for your purchase!

Comment after ksbrocchi bought #47714 from hushbaby

Thank You

Comment after reborn sold #53197 to hushbaby

Thanks for purchasing from Reborn :)

Comment after nyrek bought #53261 from hushbaby

Thank you, it is a lovely little blanket and so well made!

Comment after coopersmum bought #51870 from hushbaby

FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much Hush Baby!

Comment after lotomai bought #51012 from hushbaby

Love the blankie, gorgeous colour and well-made. Maybe my baby's a bit big for it now, but she has plenty younger cousins I can pass it onto. Thanks alot !

Comment after speedyjones bought #50764 from hushbaby

Thankyou for the mini blanket, it is utterly cute!! When i have my next baby i will certainly be getting one!!! Don't really want to give this one away for its intended purpose - a gift! But i am positive they are going to love it!!!!!

Comment after lil_toes bought #49692 from hushbaby

This taggie is beautiful! Even more so in person. Thank you very much this will make the bestest baby shower gift! I shall return!

Comment after willison bought #49113 from hushbaby

Top Grade service , Anneke went out of her way to deliver the lovely blanket in time for the birthday. Thank you so much and wont be long before i return to buy another.

Comment after pindle bought #38712 from hushbaby

Thanks for the lovely blanket. It was the perfect gift.

Comment after maxcooper bought #43908 from hushbaby

Fab love my hush baby blanket :-)

Comment after katiet bought #40474 from hushbaby

Great, thanks for mini blanket!

Comment after jamals666 bought #32370 from hushbaby

Great to deal with, gorgeous product!

Comment after sophie22 bought #33987 from hushbaby

I'm a super fan now! Blanket is once again amazing! Perfect for my Reggae crazed cousin... thanks so much... again!

Comment after sophie22 bought #33989 from hushbaby

AWESOME blanket! Gave as a gift to my Best-Friend as a babyshower gift! It was the talk of the party... I'm sure there will be a swarm of sales soon just from the party!!! Thank you so so much : )