Why hasn’t my listing been approved?

We check new listings on Felt to make sure the product, images and listing content meet Felt standards and our terms and conditions. Your first five listings as a new seller will be moderated by Felt administration before appearing on the site. Your listings will be approved within the next working day, or if there’s an issue, we will contact you within the next working day. Please check your email and spam folder in case we’ve emailed you.

Here are a few common reasons new listings on Felt aren’t approved, and how you can fix them.

Description doesn’t include dimensions

Felt buyers can’t see or hold your items in person, so it’s difficult for them to judge their size. Your descriptions must include measurements to show them how big (or small) they are, and how much they weigh (if it’s relevant). It can also be helpful to include an image which shows their scale. Read more tips about writing a great listing here »

Listing includes multiple items

A listing is for showcasing one item. We recommend that you don’t list multiple items under one listing, and instead create a separate listing for each item. Firstly, it’s much easier for customers to see what they’re buying when you list items individually. Secondly, the more listings you have on Felt, the more likely you are to appear in search results, and the greater your presence on Felt. Plus, a full shop is much more appealing than an empty one!

Shop or listings contain contact details

Point 2.4 Listing requirements of Felt’s Terms of Use  prohibit including any contact details (eg. phone number, email address) in your profile, shop details, or listings. Links and mentions of other platforms aren’t allowed either, but you’re are free to add any social media handles or links to social media accounts.


If your photos are significantly out of focus or unclear in any way, your listing may not be approved. If contact details or other website addresses are visible in your images, this is against Felt’s terms of use. Read more about taking great photos here »


If you have any questions, or haven’t heard from us, please get in touch.