What payment options can I offer?

During the checkout process, buyers choose from the payment options that you offer. You can offer any or all of the following:

Bank deposit

Your buyer pays the invoiced amount directly into your registered bank account. If your buyer chooses to pay by bank deposit, the email notification they receive from Felt will contain your registered bank account details, so that they can pay you directly via internet banking.

Cash on pickup

If you allow buyers to pick up their purchases from you, you’ll accept a cash payment at the time of pickup.


You’ll accept payment via Paypal’s international online banking system. Using Paypal allows you to accept credit card payments (local and international) and payments from overseas buyers, and Paypal handles currency conversion automatically. If your buyer chooses to pay by Paypal or credit card via Paypal they’ll be given a link at the end of the checkout process which will take them to an automatically generated payment form on the Paypal website. This link will also be in the notification email they receive from us.

The type of account that you will need is a business account, as a personal account does not offer guest payment and can lead to unexpected holds on incoming payments. (There may be several questions from Paypal about setting up buttons etc on your website – you don’t need to do this, this is for people setting up their own website.)
As long as you have set up a business account, your buyer does not need a Paypal account to make use of Paypal’s payment system – they can do so as a guest.

Credit card via Paypal

This option works in exactly the same way as the Paypal option, but lets buyers unfamiliar with Paypal know that they can pay by credit card.

Select the payment options you offer by going to My Account » Payment Preferences (under Shop Admin). Make sure you add the relevant account details correctly for each option when prompted. Remember, the more payment options you offer, the easier you’re making it for your customers to purchase from you! Also, on Paypal, make sure you have guest checkout enabled.

If you have any questions about payment options please contact us.