What links can I include in my shop?

In our terms of use we ask that you do not post your contact details, including website details and URLs on Felt. Please don’t post your email address, telephone number or the URL of any sales website in your profile, shop header, messages or listings. This protects both our business and your security.

When is it okay to link to my other web pages?

We understand the importance of social media as part of your marketing, and we do allow URLs such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, and Facebook pages, as these really bring your shop (and therefore the Felt community as a whole) to life!

We suggest that you include your Felt shop address on your social media profiles, as this means we can tag your page when we promote your work through our social media accounts.

Social media creates an enriched, communicative online world and allows you to showcase your talents beyond your current listings. With this in mind, we also encourage you to publish your blog or portfolio site address, provided that these sites don’t have a sales facility.

So, the rules of thumb are:

If you make sales transactions directly from your website (i.e. it has a checkout/payment facility or a price list and ordering instructions) – sorry, you can’t include the URL in your Felt shop.
If your blog/portfolio site contains a referral button to another sales or marketplace site, you can include the URL of your blog in your Felt shop as long as your blog also contains a referral button back to your Felt shop that is equally prominent to any others.
If you have a non-sales page on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, or a non-sales blog or portfolio, then link away!
If you’re not sure where your site fits in then please contact us – we’re always happy to answer questions.