Hello my darlings and welcome to Vamporium on Felt! I've been selling vintage clothing on Trade Me for several years now and am now making my own vintage inspired designs.

I fell in love with crinoline petticoats a few years ago and have found the modern versions stiff, boring and scratchy. My crinoline petticoats are inspired by my collection of vintage examples. I've taken all the best components and created what I wanted but couldn't find.

I have many colours available and can make sizes and lengths to suit just let me know what you need and I will up an auction just for you. Check out the photo albums on Vamporium’s Facebook page for colour samples and examples of other crinolines I have made (orders will be placed through Felt)

Perfect for: swing dancing, rock and roll dancing, ball room dancing, hot rod shows, vintage outfits, weddings, costumes, balls, race days, photo shoots or just looking fabulous!