My Grandfather survived on this earth without using anything that did not go back into the earth. The whole world could learn from that. (Sioux Saying)

We live the creed of the Sioux in our products. All of our soaps and other products are 100% pure, natural and handmade, just like great grandma used to make.

We use just the right amount of lye so that the soap remains gentle and nourishing.

The soap is pleasant smelling and very gentle and mild. It is suitable for everyone including pets, young children and for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions like acne,eczema, dandruff and psoriasis. We use it ourselves (including on children prone to severe eczema) and believe that you will be as happy with it as we are. How can we be sure that it is gentle and pure? Having the right recipe for soap and by tasting most batches! Harsh soap will burn your mouth or taste unplesant.

The products contains NO perfumes, nasty chemicals, dyes, or artifical additives.