Looking for something different that will have you standing out from the crowd? Flow Design has the answer for you - 100%New Zealand Merino wool garments trimmed with feathers or paua (New Zealand abalone).

But wait there's more ..... Accessories that will turn heads as well! Embroidered woollen wraps trimmed with feathers, a super poncho-type wrap in wool/cashmere and trimmed with paua and merino wool scarves trimmed with paua.

And then there are the silks ..... I buy fantastic lengths of quality silk from an artist. She has dyed each length of silk by hand three times, each time with a different design, which results in some amazing effects. The designs are not repeated so once I have cut scarves or wraps from these lengths of silk, that's it, no more - limited edition! With each silk scarf, I state the number made in that fabric/design.