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All jewellery at Antithesis is 100% handcrafted or reconstructed and created with plenty of <I>love</i> and <i>imagination</i>. Inspired pieces which show no real trend in thought and reflect the haphazard nature of life in all its chaotic beauty. Just the way it should be.

Payments can be made <b>Paypal, credit card (via Paypal) or bank deposit (for Singapore buyers).</b> For other shipping options (DHL, FedEx, registered), any <u>enquiries</u> or to join the <u>Antithesis mailing list</u>, please contact Michelle at <a href="mailto:antithesis.shop@gmail.com"><b>michelle@antithesis-online.com</b></a> or leave me a message on Felt!

<b>All prices stated are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). For currency conversion, please visit www.xe.com</b>
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