Hi, I am a textile designer, with a Bachelor of Design. I have a quirky sense of humour which is often evident in the things I think up. Everything I design and make has come from an original thought. Lately I've been making everything from Aprons (vintage inspired pinnies) to Zippitydoodahs.

ZippityDooDah ; Flowers made from vintage and unloved zippers! I started making these at the beginning of 2009 after inspiration hit one evening on the sofa. I used to be a trims buyer and was always aware of how many unloved zips there were in the world, they were either not the right colour or not the right length; the solution; ZippityDooDahs!

I can custom make Zip flowers to your colour scheme for special occasions such as weddings and formal events. Please message me if you are looking for something special.

You can regular find me at craft events such as KraftBomb in Greylynn Auckland, Devonport Craft Market on the North Shore, shortly I'll be opening my artist studio for viewing by appointment. To keep up to date with whats new join me on facebook.

I have also started the Waste not, want knot project. The goal is to turn unloved or surplus textiles into desirable objects that people want. Its a combination of all those things our grandparents told us; waste not, want not, combined with modern day landfill avoidance, reduce, reuse, recycle, and a need to liberate a great collection of fabrics and trims amassed over a few years from the back of my wardrobe, under my bed, in the roof space etc....
I have a design degree and an addiction to textile arts and crafts, you can follow my progress here http://zippitydoodah-zipflowers.blogspot.com/ and http://wastenotwantknot.blogspot.com/

Have a zippity doo dah day !