Beeswax Lunch Bags and Pouches. Made in the heart of North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Hello my name is Diana and this is the home of Yalowax,cotton wax infused food bags and pouches.
I have always had an interest in natural living whether it be gardening, cooking, or making my own cleaning products, sewing and working with wool. Being the mother of 4 daughters our home life was always busy, so creativeness was always there for one thing or another. I live in Waiau and my sewing room is busy most days.
The wax I use is mainly a Manuka mix wax from the first capping’s from the hives. The smell is just divine, with organic jojoba oil added as an extra anti-bacterial property.
I embraced the thought of less packaging and have used bee’s wax wraps for quite a while, I then decided to make them more functional and have designed some useful reusable food bags and pouches that you can use for all sorts of foods and including your makeup if you wish.
Veges, fruit are amazing and have found they will last up to two weeks quite happily in the fridge, and cheese is a must in a wax bag. I hope you enjoy these products, they have a money back guarantee or full replacement.