Hi people!

I’m Yağmur. I’m a leather crafter based in Chch. I’ve started learning about leather 20 years ago. It was just a hobby for a long time. Around 2 years ago I’ve started to sell my works at crafts markets and recently at a couple of craft stores.

Leather craft, like all other crafts, is a never ending education and I try to improve myself with every project I make. It’s filled with lots of blood, sweat and tears... and swearing

I mostly use vegetable tanned leather and traditional hand stitching techniques. Also, I make my own leather conditioner and working on some natural dyes.

Why leather? Leather is byproduct of the meat and dairy industries. If those industries keep on going, there will be lots of skins leftover. If they’re not used, they will go to landfill or burnt to get rid of. That’s a big loss and not very good for the environment. So, why not use it. I’m being realistic here. Leather is natural, repairable, long lasting and beautiful. Also, it’s good to keep the old traditional craftsmanship alive.

That’s a little bit of me. I hope you like it.

Thank you

You can find me on instagram: @deceasedestatenz

Facebook: Deceased Estate Leatherworks