I am Marjorie Dawson and I create fresh and fun chainmaille. I love my work and enjoy making gifts for giving and for keeping! My online shop is at www.whskr.co Check our shop for the full range!

My aim is to make very well turned out items that say "Handmade with Quality", art works that people will buy because they are quirky, individual and fun, not made in bulk by sweatshop labour.

I launched Whskr when I came to New Zealand and found this country a welcoming and friendly place, open to ideas and the thought that people can create, make good craft and art based items, and sell them for both enjoyment and profit.

My work is not made in five minutes - if it took so little time, how could anyone value it? My work, like many of the creative crafters here on Felt, was made with love, care and a spirit of creativity.