I have a passion for the outdoors, for nature, the coast of New Zealand, birds and sea life.
I began to create some unique jewellery designs in pure silver (99.9) based on and incorporating all of these passions.

Each design and individual piece is hand crafted and often pieces of nature have been used in the creation, such as flowers, leaves and shells.

I am launching a designer range of pure silver jewellery.

These are high quality pieces, all of which are unique to me and completely my own design.

Each piece is individually hand made and hand polished by myself. A lot of time goes into these pieces and I will continue to add new designs and keep ideas fresh.

Some pieces will vary slightly in size and shape and I may position the bird on the flax or the fern in a slightly different place depending on the piece. Its all part of the individuality of the designs.

Please contact me for any enquiries.