I have been creating and making things for many years, I think it all started when I made a Care Bear for my daughters 1st birthday in 1985, then I seemed to be bitten by the sewing bug. I have made lots of childrens and adults clothes, soft toys, knitted garments and teddy bears after having had a break from that and now have decided to start making again. I joined Felt a few years ago but never had much to list. After a move out of Auckland to the lovely Waikato to a quieter lifestyle in 2015, it is time to create and share with others.
I love crafts of all sorts, it is rewarding to make and create and look at the finished product that either I will enjoy or for someone else to enjoy.
I am currently making dolls bedding sets and dolls clothes mainly for 18" dolls, but I am trying new patterns for different size dolls as well.
I also do a few felt decorations and anything that I think people may like, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look at my page.
I have recently set up a facebook page, please have a look as I try and post at least once a week. If you like my page I would appreciate the support and share to others who need dolls clothes and bedding. Thank You so much.