My name is Rachel and Walnut Friends was inspired by my children's obsession with collectibles and my wish for them to have collectibles that were natural, good for the environment and sourced from sustainable materials. As a mum, I know how important imaginative play is for children's development. I've been surrounded by various collections that my children have accumulated over the years and I’ve witnessed the passion with which they collect and proudly display and play with their various collections.

I am a fibre artist and whilst felting a large mouse one day, my youngest said, “it would be so cute for that mouse to have babies.” I felted mouse babies and Walnut Friends was born! It’s my pleasure to share Walnut Friends with you and you can be sure that your children will enjoy playing and collecting Walnut Friends and you can be comfortable the Walnut Friends are eco-friendly and sourced from sustainable materials.

Here are some of the things we love about Walnut Friends that we hope you will love too:

The wool that we use comes from a happy healthy sheep farm in Roxburgh in the South Island of New Zealand. The sheep farm is run by an all women team and they do not practice mulesing of their sheep.

We support New Zealand made and New Zealand businesses.

Imaginative play has been proven to develop key skills vital for intellectual and emotional growth as well as social success. We all want that for our kids and Walnut Friends promotes this, I’ve seen this from my own kids!