I love reading and creating so for me, making metal bookmarks and bookish things is the dream.
I am a mum of 2 - anxious - happy - me.

Aside from reading, I love cleaning and organising, coffee, chocolate, I pretend to like gardening but I dont do a lot of it....I like having a pretty garden though. I love the beach, fresh morning walks and chocolate

These are made using new extra strong findings to help make them a little more durable. I make them all myself here in my home studio. I like using gemstones and crystals which I always include in the listing. Sometimes glass beads are also used and this is also stated in the listings. I name all my beaded bookmarks after wahine in some of my favourite books and try to use that as my inspiration in the design.

I am a new to the craft of sewing. My bookshelves are made to keep books safe from rips or tears while travelling but are certainly not limited to that. I keep my books in them when Im not reading to keep them safe from my kids and dog :). Again all made by me in my home studio, I generally make one off designs but every now and then make a collection of them. I offer them mainly in 2 sizes, small and medium, and they are designed to fit smaller mass market books or the larger trade size. I can also make them in a large size to fit thicker books or hardbacks. The all have 2 layers of thin foam padding to help keep books safe while not being too bulking. Perfect for travel.

Where possible, I try to be as eco friendly as I can. The courier bags I use are home compostable. Just remove the shipping label attached to the front. If bubble wrap or cardboard has been used, I have sourced it from a local business who would other wise get rid of it, this way it is being used more than once. I am transitioning to a honey comb type paper filler. For the most part I print my own information cards from home. They may not look as professional but it helps lower my carbon foot print.

Everybody knows the current situation in the world. I generally use ARAMEX postal services which have a delivery time period of 3-7 days depending on where in the motu you are. These change. Sometimes its quicker sometimes a little slower. I am alway open to helping get these issues sorted to if you do feel your items are taking a little longer than usual please contact me.