Welcome to my shop where, among other items, I display jewellery I have made from polymer clay using techniques learned over many years. All jewellery is fade proof with permanent colours, ear wires and findings hypoallergenic, and everything meticulously finished to a high standard, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment.

Every item is unique in its details, the pattern formed in each individual bead being impossible to duplicate, so nobody else will ever have a jewellery piece exactly the same. Pieces within each range may be similar but there will be distinct differences which will ensure the one of a kind originality. The technique I use is a variation of one popularised by Julie Picarello, which she dubbed Imprint Mokume, in which a selection of coloured clays are layered in a stack, and then pierced with tools which move the colours around between layers.
After slicing the stack horizontally each slice becomes a veneer which is then formed with additional clay into a bead. Cured, sanded with multiple grits and finally buffed to a high shine, each bead reveals the pattern caused by the blending and shifting of colours in a way which frequently has some very surprising results, not least to the craftsperson!

At present I will be selling only within NZ, but if there is interest from overseas that may change, so if you are browsing my shop from another country and are interested in buying please contact me.

I love what I do and it would give me great pleasure to share that enjoyment with you. I hope you will visit often, as I will be regularly adding new creations.