Having a bit of a love affair with "romantic-vintage" stems from childhood memories of playing dress-ups with my three little sisters, and having the run of a huge and beautiful country garden, our imaginations were let loose - such were those carefree days!

We were also lucky enough to have a grandmother crafty in every single thing she turned her hand to - you name it, she could do it and best of all, she shared her love of craft with us.
Each of the four sisters have followed a creative path in her own way.

Here, with Vintage Belle, I have drawn on those childhood memories and on the skills which my grandmother taught me, using of a mix of new and vintage mediums, I bring to you little objects of whim and fancy, some of them functional but pretty, others purely decorative.
Being mindful of waste, I collect every scrap from my makings, these smaller pieces are then incorporated into other projects. When pieces are finally too small to sew, they are used as stuffing.

I hope you find a little something at Vintage Belle that may stir a memory, make a memory or simply bring joy to you or someone you gift one of my creations to - Enjoy!