Having a bit of a love affair with "romantic-vintage" stems from childhood memories of dressing up in our mothers beautiful ball gowns and rattling through her jewellery box to find sparkling crystal and pearl necklaces for my three little sisters and I to drape ourselves in and play make-believe princesses.
With the run of a huge and beautiful country garden, our imaginations were let loose - such were those carefree days!

We were also lucky enough to have a grandmother crafty in every single thing she turned her hand to - you name it, she could do it and best of all, she shared her love of craft with us.
Each of the four sisters have followed a creative path in her own way.

Here, with Vintage Belle, I have drawn on those memories of beautiful jewellery and work to create pieces that have a romantic and nostalgic feel.
Other non-jewellery items that I create, draw on the skills which my grandmother taught me, combining those with a dash of imagination and the use of a mix of new and vintage mediums, I bring to you little objects of whim and fancy, some of them functional but pretty, others purely decorative.
Some items I turn out on any given day may vary from my descriptions above, in essence,
"Variations May Occur Depending Upon the Mood of the Artist on the Day" !

I hope you find a little something at Vintage Belle that may stir a memory or perhaps create a memory for you - Enjoy!