Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. "Matso Basho"

Somewhere along the way I developed a compulsion to spend as much time in nature, away from noise and machinery, as possible.

This compulsion has informed my arts practice, my sense of place and connection to other people. I started eco-printing on merino in 2014, and have incorporated hand sewing, assemblage, leather work and a fascination with vintage corsetry and shapewear.

When I am not running off into nature I like to find people I can drink a glass of wine with. And I believe attending and throwing a good party to be valuable survival skills in the face of what is ahead for the human race......To that end I practice native american flute and drum, dj skills, dancing with fire and other appropriate fun hobbies that could potentially help celebrate a time of peace and abundance for the human race, or provide entertainment during our likely uncomfortable demise.........