Handmade in New Zealand with Love

Umi - my mother, is a reflection of the importance of motherhood, of being someone's mother....of having a mother......the learning passed down through mothers....

Umi Yarns is all about the handmade....the love...the specialness of the one.

There is a returning appreciation for the handmade, the craft, the artisan skill....mass produced items have their place but they have no soul, you see the identical item with someone else and wonder 'What makes mine different, mean more?'
Handmade is not purely functional, they attach themselves to your heart and you know from the outset their loss may bring tears and pain.

Love them, for they were made with love.

You can see a variety of pieces made on Umi Yarns (FB) www.facebook.com/UmiYarns/

Umi loves the land that gives us so much.

Amongst other things Umi recycles packaging. Your purchased item will be wrapped with love but the outer packaging will be recycled unless you direct Umi otherwise (perhaps it is a gift going direct to the recipient) - in which case for a small charge Umi can use new packaging.

When items are made with textile paper fabric - this is a new washable and dryable material that is a great alternative to leather and canvas. It is durable and over time will develop a character of its own just like leather does. It is crushable and that contributes to its charm. Treat it kindly and it will last you a long time.

I accept payment via online banking into my bank account or I can send you a paypal invoice once you have made the purchase

"Feel the earth with your bare feet and the touch of rain on your skin, smell the wild wind, let your eyes soak up the colours of nature, listen, truly listen, to the voices that sing all around you and taste that most amazing thing...the joy of a real life" Anonymous