New Work!!!!

Recently I decided to create some new work, recycling tea cups and wine glasses. Together they have become...
High Tea Glasses.

These china teacups have been upcycled for the unique experience of drinking tea or enjoying a delicious cocktail!
A stunning gift for anyone that loves to collect quirky things.
An ideal gift for mothers day, a christening, house warming, birthday or just because they are so spectacular!

Each teacup has a history, whether it be as a set that has been handed down through a family and traveled around the world; or as a discarded single tea cup in a recycle boutique here in Wellington, New Zealand. Some have small imperfections which only adds to their history and character.

The teacups have been set on top of a glass stem and fixed using super glue and silicone. Therefore they need to be hand washed.


After 10 years of teaching in New Zealand and being surrounded by incredibly talented young people I decided in 2007 to stop making excuses and get back into the darkroom and explore some of my own ideas.

Having a passion for 'black and white' photography and feeling reluctant to make the shift to digital I decided to produce a body of work using only light and objects on photographic paper which was a process I used to teach first year students. They are known as 'photograms'.

'Tui' was the name I have chosen for my work as it was the first image I produced and sold.

The images I have produced fall into 4 design categories...feminine, tea party, birds and shoes.

These images are presented as framed photograms, pendants, small range of images on clothing, vinyl stickers and calico bags.

The pieces I enjoy making the most would be the Pendants as I discovered a way to capture my images on a tiny piece of film and place it between two crystals so the image is suspended almost. They are quite magical.

I work from my home in Island Bay, Wellington near the South Coast of the North Island, and work during the day while my 2 children are at school. Its the perfect job!

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me if you have an ideas of your own as I also do commission work.