I am a mum of three kids. I left school and opened a clothing shop. I started of making childrens clothes, but was soon being asked to make evening wear to measure and this lead to designing and making wedding dresses. When I got married, my husband built a studio for me at our home, so i was able to focus on doing wedding dresses designed and made to measure. When we had our children I had a bit of a break but i am now getting back into my work but with a different focus. As a mum it is nice to dress up and feel good about yourself, but clothes need to be practical. Thats why i've started designing clothes that work for mums. Some of them work for breastfeeding mums too. All my garments are one off designs too, so you wont see others dressed the same as you.
I also do a few one off designs for kids too. I like them to look cute and its also nice for them to have a few things that are different too.
Please choose carefully and check measurements, as I don't do returns sorry!
So I hope you like my ideas.
I am happy to send things to other parts of the world too. Just message me and I can get prices.