Welcome to my cute wee home sweet shabby home where I make Tiny Houses from my own sweet shabby home with my partner. This is my hobby craft where I get a chance to tinker with my creative side.
Home sweet shabby home was launched around 7 years ago after being inspired by French furniture to paint and distress everything that came my way!
4 years ago a trip to France and Italy bought me new inspiration to recreate the memories of old architecture, flaking paint and interesting doors and vibrant colours.

Why houses? We often find ourselves pondering “I wonder who lives there, I wonder what they do? This creating little houses of question that can come from our home to yours and build on the imagination.

All of our Tiny Houses are made from preloved wood... demolition sites, under peoples houses... where they once held the stories that we are asking the questions to today.

You will see snippets of old timber, old paint splotches, old nails coming through... I love this about our tiny houses... creating new old of old... being sustainable and resourceful.

Lucky I’m not OCD for straight lines, as I purposely ensure no house is strictly even or windows that line up perfectly... there are no rulers in our workshop!

Whilst we both have other day jobs, (and rearing children) we enjoy hunting down the next piece of wood to recreate a tiny house. You will often see the kids contributing towards new ideas or being handy with some sandpaper.

We would love to hear your feedback, ideas or questions.

Take care