-- WHO AM I --

My name is Nini the maker and designer of Things Unseen jewellery. A studio based in Wellington, New Zealand which focuses on vintage-inspired jewellery using old and new material I can put my hands on.

Things Unseen was founded in 2006 from a mini collection of simple glass jewellery, and now grows to more of a blast from the past range. I am taking a step back from market and will focus on a new venture of an online shop. I am hoping to provide pieces of jewelley which will speak to you!

-- My work --

I feel that jewelry is some way of expressing yourself. don't you want it to be lovingly handcrafted by someone and admired by other because It's a bit different ... maybe a bit like you?

I am ONE person. I don't work in a factory. Everything in my shop is handmade by my own two hands. What you will find in my shoppe are one of a kind or few of a kind items. Things Unseen jewellery is perfectly imperfect. I am very serious about the balance and how their visually works together but I am not too worry about the imperfection and blemishes that time has created.