Weaving magic with fabric and thread, I hope to inspire you to live your best creative life.

By this Wolf Moon, I am a metamorphic soul.

Hello there, thank you for joining me by the Wolf Moon, I am Karen, a metamorphic maven, that is, by definition, metamorphic - denoting a change of form maven - a person with good knowledge or understanding - I am really good at reinventing myself!

I have been sewing and creating for more than 25 years, refining and refining and refining my style, I've finally embraced the fact that I do not fit in a box, and so, here you will find a bit of everything.
My Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/bythewolfmoon/
gives a good overview and has reviews of my work for your information.
Here you will find an eclectic collection of bespoke creations, thoughts and insights. My promise is to courageously honour your vibrant truth. My goal is to inspire, nurture and guide you to unleash your creative soul and step into your true metamorphic potential, always making the choice to live as your true self, safe in the knowledge that that never changes, and that only the world YOU create does.

The most precious gift we are given as an incarnated soul is the gift of free will - that is the freedom to be, feel, embrace, and experience anything we can possibly conceive. It only comes down to making the choice.

If today you would like to be a fairy, then put on your wings, do as the fairy folk do and watch the sparkles appear. The trick is only in noticing them when they do. Tomorrow a Goddess of magic? Don your mystical cloak, gather your familiars around you and get your spell on!! The magic will happen, you only have to notice it.

Have you ever owned a particular dress, a coat, a pair of shoes that made you feel ‘different’ whenever you put it on? Taller, stronger, more powerful, more fun, more magical? It is my hope that the magic I weave into my creations will inspire those wonderful feelings. Have you ever performed a little ritual, said a little prayer, slipped a special token into your pocket and immediately felt different, more at ease, more capable, lighter, happier? It is my hope that I can inspire in you the knowledge that you created these feelings, you simply used the ‘tools’ of token, prayer, ritual, clothing, to reinforce YOUR creation.

I have spent decades thinking, learning, doing, under-gone metamorphose after metamorphose, thirsting for the knowledge I needed to figure out who I am meant to be and why I am here, until finally it hit me...I am meant to be whoever I want to be at any given time, I am meant to create a life, so that I can experience a life. My sole purpose, my soul purpose, is to know my true self and to live my truth, creating a world, my world, filled with love. Love for myself, love for my fellow souls, and love of Source. In the words of William Wallace “FREEEEEDOOOOOMMMM!!!” *cue frenzied charge into battle across my lounge room floor* Because the violently powerful enemy I have been facing...is myself, I just had to realise the power of my own potential, and create my own freedom.

With that battlecry ringing in your ears, I invite you to embrace your true metamorphic self with me, lets enjoy as many exciting, fun, joyful experiences as we can possibly conceive of, because all that matters is that we keep love in our hearts, and let it guide us on our way, in the choices we make and the life we create.

I am mother, teacher, and carer to my autistic daughter, this determines the quantity and regularity of items for sale, and my availability for custom-made pieces. I pride myself on creating unique, interesting items of excellent quality. I am not a mass producer, each and every piece, and the components that go into it, are individually designed, sourced, and made by me into a bespoke creation that reflects the intention, thought, and blessing I would like the piece to portray to whomsoever possesses it. I value connecting with you and look forward to co-creating with you.

Much love,