I am a Raw Food Coach and Consultant who also loves to knit. I prefer knitting with wool and cotton but use acrylics for strength and texture. Knitting is therapy for me; I have churned out many blankets over the years.

Every morning when I use my hand-knitted cotton facecloths a get a warm fuzzy feeling and remember what a very clever person I am.

About the Raw Food bit: I choose not to be a purist raw foodist (aiming for around 70/80% high raw). My expertise is in relating to women who want to learn how to incorporate more raw into their lives without the obligation of a complete change of lifestyle. It is okay to eat meat, drink tea and coffee whilst improving one's health. I know that is controversial, but I'm a realist, too.

I love living in New Zealand and, yes, it is as beautiful as the scenery from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Favourite song: Be Thou My Vision - an ancient Irish hymn.
Favourite band: that would have to be U2.