Welcome to Tangelo Tree...Contemporary Textile Jewellery

Launched in 2012, Tangelo Tree was born out of a love of visual art, an interest in textiles/fashion and a desire to combine the two.

​Since studying a Diploma in Textiles/Fashion & a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts, I have worked as a textiles technician, clothing designer, printmaker, art museum assistant and graphic designer.

It is my fascination for textile design, love of handcrafted objects and strong desire to create, that has led me to combine all disciplines and embark on jewellery design.

My work is characterised by the use of vibrant colour & geometric pattern, and the contrasting use of fabric & metal. I love the relationship between creativity & construction that jewellery making offers and like to find new ways of combining hard & soft materials. I am influenced by a life long passion for art, fashion, architecture, music & the modern art movement. My background in graphic design has an inevitable influence on the way I work, in terms of design, and attention to detail. It is the combination of this and my fascination with texture & colour that is signature to my work.

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