Hello all,

I've lived in NZ for 18 years after meeting a lovely Bishopdale boy at work near my home town in the UK.
We now live on the outskirts of Christchurch in a wonderful area by the sea; we've got two gorgeous (but infuriating!!) children.

I don't come from a particularly crafty family... my mum is a sewing nightmare but her mum was a superstar and taught me lots of stuff; when I was about 11 I'd make dolls' clothes and wee animals out of Fimo and sell them on her bric-a-brac stall during the school holidays... loved it :o)

Then high school, uni, work and having a family took up any spare time I had but fast forward nearly 30 years (aggh) and I've finally (over the past couple of years) got back into making bits and pieces.

I've been plucking up courage to really 'go public' with my crafty bits which at the mo' consist of sock monkeys which I'm completely bonkers about (and I'm sure several friends think I've completely lost the plot) and some un-christmassy (!!!) personalised kids' christmas stockings.

My little sister has been my biggest fan and designed my logo for me (thanks Han) and persuaded me to give it a go!

So here goes.......

Cheerio for now