Hi. Im Suzannah, a kiwi photographer who loves landscape and wildlife photography. I have taught myself the ins and outs of photography over the past few years with the help of Youtube and online learning opportunities. I have spent many hours improving my work and trying to become the best photographer I can be, but as with everything in life there is always room for improvement so I am still learning and feel I have a lot more knowledge and skill to gain in this field. I have travelled throughout New Zealand over the past few years capturing many popular (and some less known) scenes that have captured my attention. I would describe my photographic style and artistic and creative but at the same time I try to keep it realistic and authentic to the scene in real life. I do use editing software to enhance my photos as I believe it is what helps to lift them to the next level. I am naturally a very creative person and the editing process of photography is one of my favourite parts. It is the process where I can turn a photo into a work of art and I see it as an opportunity to let my creative juices shine.

I am currently on the other side of the world living and travelling in Canada to continue my photography journey in a different way. While I'm travelling, I am continuing to sell my work on Felt in New Zealand as a means of income. Please enjoy my gallery of prints and if you cannot find anything you like feel free to try my website where I have my entire range of prints available to purchase in a range of sizes www.suzannahmaree.com
I am also very busy on my Instagram page and post up a lot more photos that don't all make it to printing. Any of these images are however available on request so if you spot something you like but cannot find it to purchase, just send me a message and I can organize it for you.

Thanks for browsing my Felt shop. Enjoy.
Suzannah Maree