Welcome to my Spinning Candy Emporium
For the colourful characters in your life

With a love of colour, fibre and stitching, Spinning Candy Emporium showcases colourful and practical products for humans and their furry families.

From a background in high fashion in the 80s and 90s, I went on to work in the NZ craft industry. This involved tutoring many traditional crafts and trying to share these skills to new generations. With a long family history in handmade, I am now continuing to be inspired by the past to create quality products that are made to last into the future.

The Spinning Candy label was created when i was spinning colourful chunky woollen yarns that reminded me of old fashioned candy being spun... I felt like i was Spinning Candy!

Now mum has joined the crew with her beautiful hand knitted scarves and skirts. She was the talent that taught me to spin & sew and encouraged my handcraft addiction.

Having always been an owner of beautiful feline family members such as Lacroix and Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana, and Prada , the addition of a beautiful gentle giant dog in the form of a leonberger has added a new dynamic to our modern family. The lack of toys available locally for BIG dogs has made us create our own and now we want to share these too. We have now created the "Team Blake" shop for these products but some will be sold through SC also.