Gorgeous Things for Children. Handmade, New Zealand Made.

Our products are of the highest quality, handmade and unique. I never make two things the same because in today's world of mass production, children deserve to have things that were created just for them.

I am an Early Childhood Teacher, as well as a textile artist, designer, wife and mum. All my designs are tested by children before I make them to sell.

I am inspired first and foremost by children, as well as nature, colour, fabrics both new and recycled, and the art of other craftspeople.

If you would like an item in a certain colour or fabric, or if you would like me to create something especially for you, please email me at speckledegg@windowslive.com

You can see what I'm up to by checking out my blog www.speckledeggblog.blogspot.com.

Gift wrapping is also available, please ask. Thank you for looking at my shop!