Hi, I’m Stacey and I create original Linocut Prints.

When my Gran moved and we were packing her things I came across old linocuts, tools and ink, she gave them to me.

She had had these since her school days! The ink I haven’t used because the tubes are too old and beautiful, but the tools I used as soon as I could get my hands on some Lino.

Right away I was addicted and that’s what started all of this!

I carve or print whenever I can! I am influenced and inspired by vintage illustration, botanical and anatomical drawings, traditional tattoo design and vintage advertising.

I began selling prints as a way to buy art supplies. We live life on a budget (as most people do) and these things are a luxury, so I decided I wanted my art to be self funded. So when you buy a print you are helping me create more art

I absolutely LOVE Printmaking and it gives me the best feeling when I send a piece away to its new home.

You can follow me on Instagram https://instagram.com/scarlettgloom