New Zealand Handcrafted Products and Art for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Sassy Kea Handcrafted products is a name based on my own, Saskia. I am a high school teacher, with a love for creativity, learning and running my own businesses. I began Sassy Kea a couple of years ago, as I was experimenting with making my own beeswax food wraps to combat how much plastic I was using. I developed a good recipe and found great fabrics and from there began gifting and selling them.
Since then, Sassy Kea has been my creative outlet, as I experimented with new products and picked up my art again during lockdown. I love watercolours and playing around with different designs and fun colours. I now have a range of greeting cards and gift tags, with more in the works. Sassy Kea is all about New Zealand, eco friendly living, and creativity.