I began my journey of Sarah Reimer Designs by listing a few photographs to sell online in 2014 while travelling Europe. I continued to take photographs as a creative outlet and found great satisfaction exploring the different ways I could share my travel experiences in an artistic and tangible way.

I then began to explore different ways of turning my photographs into something more than just a simple print. When moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2015, I enjoyed seeking out paper made by local artisans to print my photographs on. I fell in love with the art of bookbinding, and began exploring new mediums for creating prints, books, and cards.

As life continues to be an adventure of the unexpected, I continue to pursue my love for creating. Now living by the sea in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have been enjoying fibre arts and creating macrame pieces incorporating driftwood I collect at some of the most stunning beaches I've ever visited here in New Zealand.

My work and craft deeply reflects my life experiences and truly tells a story of travel, adventure, passion and creative endeavor. I focus on keeping my products sustainable and eco-friendly which aligns with many of my everyday lifestyle choices.

Sarah Reimer Designs is my way of sharing my story with the world. Thank you for stopping by!